In 1916, Methodist Minister Frederick V. Fischer named three Zion cliffs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob after the Old Testament prophets. The court itself lies at the base of these cliffs up Birch Creek Canyon, and that is the view of this painting. The cliff on the right is Abraham, and on the left is the Sentinel.  Isaac and Jacob are further to the right beyond the scope of this painting. Over the years I have enjoyed painting Zion landmarks for a number of reasons. The main reason is that I grew up only 30 miles from the park and spent many hours exploring its wonders as a child. Then, of course, the scenery is enchanting and breathtaking. I love the colors and the structures in Zion.  It may be the only place on earth where vertical landscapes are the norm rather than the exception.                         



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Zion's Court of the Patriarchs

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  • Oil on canvas lined panel