There aren’t very many places in the west where one can irrigate in the winter. Apparently, Grafton, which is just outside of Zion National Park , is one of them. On the day than I was visiting, they were irrigating an orchard and a meadow full of cows.  Grafton is the town, or ghost town really, that was made famous by the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Butch and his sidekick the Sundance Kid hang out there before they head out to Bolivia.
It’s the place in the movie where Butch (aka Paul Newman), and the school teacher girlfriend Etta Place (aka Katharine Ross) roll around the area on a bicycle. It’s a beautiful area, more than just a movie set. It is a ghost town, but there are a great many things to paint.



Price includes a black frame.

Grafton Winter Irrigation

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  • Oil on stretched canvas